Subsidiaries & Affiliates

IMG comprises fifteen subsidiary and affiliate companies forming a single-solution global organization, supporting our mission of innovation that creates positive change.

Who Are We

IMG Holdings is a privately held organization comprised of fifteen subsidiaries and affiliates providing R&D, management, and consulting services in various industries and sectors, including education, intellectual property, and media.

Our Mission

IMG Holdings provides services and connects individuals and organizations by utilizing our global network to foster innovation and create positive change for our clients and the global business community. 

What We Do

Our Holistic Approach



The education subsidiaries and affiliates provide continuing education, professional development, and executive education programs to internal employees and external clients, maintaining a professional level of hard and soft skillsets across various industries and sectors.


Subject Matter Experts

The management subsidiaries and affiliates provide clients with experienced subject matter experts in areas relating to intellectual property, business, media, and research and development, allowing client organizations to remain innovative and create positive change.



The consulting subsidiary provides clients with a global array of experienced subject matter experts and seeks partnerships with NGO & IGO organizations to strengthen global commerce and innovation.


Business Services

The business services subsidiary and affiliates encourage and promote global entrepreneurship and allow individuals and organizations access to global resources in Human Resources, Financial Services, Technology, Energy, and Healthcare,



The media subsidiary encourages innovation and collaboration through various forms of media to promote global business and provide entertainment to improve and enrich end users’ perspectives.


Overall Mission

The organization’s overall mission is to cultivate a more educated, globally oriented, and responsible community that promotes and encourages innovation and positive change.

Why Choose IMG Holdings?

IMG Holdings can provide a vast array of services. Some of the top reasons clients choose our services are listed below. Contact us for additional information regarding IMG subsidiary and affiliate companies and services.

The average years of experience for subject matter experts within our education and consulting subsidiaries is 25 years.

IMG seeks and creates partnerships with global service providers, NGO & IGO organizations, and subject matter experts to offer a one-source organizational solution for clients in over 2000 locations in over 700 cities and 100 countries worldwide. 

IMG’s Education Consortium comprises five higher education institutions offering continuing education courses, professional certification, and degree programs. The consortium offers over 62 programs of study comprising over 400 managed courses. 

IMG has cooperation agreements with international partners covering global business anywhere you or your organization conducts business.

IMG provides research and development (R&D) at the academic and industry level to support our mission to foster innovation and create positive change within the global business community. IMG collaborates with universities, industry, and international partners to promote global trade and commerce while protecting intellectual property.

IMG by the Numbers

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Ready to Innovate and Create Positive Change?

Whether you are an individual or entrepreneurial organization beginning your professional journey or an experienced leader or long-tenured organization ready to take yourself or your organization to the next level, contact us to achieve your personal and professional goals.